New Woodfel Trailer & Steam page!
25th August 2019
Hi guys, there's now a new trailer for Woodfel that you can check out below!
Also the Steam page is now live so you can check out more about the game and add it to your wishlist:

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Woodfel Alpha 0.731
12th August 2018
I've uploaded a small patch (available at the top of the page) to fix a couple of bugs.

- Fixed an issue with switching resolution & switching to/from windowed mode.
- macOS build should now list available resolutions correctly.

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Woodfel Alpha 0.73
05th August 2018
Woodfel 0.73a is finally here! This build contains a wealth of updates, in particular some significantly improved world generation.

- Improved escape key handling to close open UI windows.
- Terrain generation now generates more dramatic and varied scenery.
- Characters now have noses and mouths!
- Character panel re-arranged to make room for facial hair slot.
- Chat made transparent; in the future it will fade out when inactive.

- Beard! More facial hair options coming soon.
- New giant boss creature added with an actual loot table!
- Goblin creatures added.
- Leather armour torso added - no stats yet but that will come in the balance build.
- Various type of random structures are now generated during world creation, which can be used by events.

You can download the latest version using the button at the top (this time I even made a mac build), enjoy!

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Woodfel Alpha 0.72 Hotfix
21st May 2018
I've just put up a small hotfix for Woodfel (Version 0.72a).

I've added a vsync option (enabled by default) and fixed a small issue with the camera which was noticable at lower framerates.
This vsync option should help for streaming as the CPU & GPU won't be trying to render frames at an unlimited rate!
You can download the hotfix by clicking the button at the top.

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Woodfel Alpha 0.71 Released!
18th May 2018
Woodfel alpha 0.71 is now available!

This minor release includes a reworking of how the build items work together to improve ease-of-use and flexibility. The previous Interior/exterior orientation restriction has been removed.

- Deprecated items & world objects should not break saves.

- All wall items pulled onto the same grid to minimise orientation issues.

- Replacing the in/out corner wall pieces are a set of 1x1 footprint pieces; Corner, Junction & Cross for each wall set.
- Single tile width roof/wall pieces.
- Roof cap objects added.
- Roof in-corner size reduced for greater flexibility.

You can download the latest version using the button at the top, enjoy!

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Placeholder video post!
18th May 2018
Look a video!

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