About Woodfel
Woodfel is a multiplayer sandox crafting game currently under development. Woodfel makes use of procedural generation to create huge fantasy landscapes for you to explore & build within.
Woodfel will contain many features once complete including:
  • A myriad of resources and items to gather and loot to craft with.
  • A highly flexible structure building system.
  • World events to make the game world feel vibrant and interesting.
  • Dozens of player items to customize your character.
  • Many creatures and monsters to fight including difficult bosses with awesome loot!
  • Airship construction to make travelling around the world faster.
Until the early access build is complete, Woodfel is free to download and play, grab a copy and give it a shot! Do let me know how you find it by tweeting at me or joining the Woodfel Discord (links at the top!).
Happy Woodfelling!

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